Dj Shiftees egna ord

Till dagens VF skrev jag en artikel om Dj Shiftee, världens bästa dj, som står bakom skivspelarna på Scharinska i kväll.
Här nedan finns mina frågor och Dj Shiftees svar på engelska. Som låg till grund för artikeln.
Hans sköna amerikanska formuleringar förtjänas att återges i sin helhet.

What’s your expectations before your visit to Umeå?
– I expect to have a floor-stomping, stomach-churning, bass-exploding musical extravaganza.

What do you know about the city?
– Only what I’ve read on Wikipedia.  For example, I know that the average temperature in Umeå during October is 7 degrees Celsius.  I am bringing a jacket.

How did you get in contact with the dj-crew Goodfellas?
– My homie DJ Alx from Gävle linked us up.  He’s a true gentleman.

Have you been to Sweden before?
– Nope!  Only in wonderful, wonderful dreams.

Is there any swedish music you like?
– Yes, especially Robyn, Lykke Li, The Knife, Dada Life, and DJ ALX.

In your own opinion, what makes you a good dj? Anything you’ve got that others don’t?
– I wear glasses.  I’m a champion square dancer.  I have an excellent collection of hats.

You won DMC last year, what does a title like that mean to you?
– It means A LOT.  It took me 10 years of practice to win the DMC World Championship.  Now that I’ve won, it’s been a great launching pad and platform to turn DJing from a passion into a career.

Is being a dj what you do for a living?
– Yes, but I also teach DJing at New York University and Dubspot DJ/Production school in NYC, and I do some work for Native Instruments.

How come you got into djing?
– I got into DJing because I was fascinated with hip hop music as a teenager, and particularly the sounds of the DJ!

Apart from music, what do you like to do?
– Hang out with my girlfriend, invent groundbreaking sandwiches, explore various avenues of Salsa (dance and sauce), watch movies, and think about carpentry. 

Are you born and raised in New York?
– I was born in New York, NY aka Manhattan.  That’s where I live now, but along the way I’ve lived in New Jersey, Washington D.C., Scarsdale, NY, and Boston.  NYC is where my heart is, and also thankfully the rest of my body!

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