We are one

Wrote this poem today with love to all of you 

Let your life flow~~
Free like a beautiful waterfall~~
Let your love heal~~
Who ever you meet~~
In body and soul~~
Let your mind speak~~
Untold words~~
Of wisdom and peace~~
Because the cruelty in this world~~
Make a rain of tears~~
That fills every sea~~
When your true light shine from within~~
No shadow can fall on our path~~
We will overcome every fear together~~
Hand in hand~~
Side by side~~
We are one~~
We are all~~

DickScott 25/10 2018


Eyes like diamonds

Hi all :) thanx for visiting by Poetry blog,  I both write poetry and songs.

Here is lyrics from my song Eyes like diamonds from my CD Dreamland available on

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Viewing lyrics for 01 Eyes like diamonds by Dick Scott.

There’s nothing like a fire from deep inside 
Nothing can ever scare us we wont hide 
There’s nothing like the spirit in you and me 
Strong and free too fly in ecstacy 

Eyes like diamonds eyes eyes on you 
Eyes like diamonds shine on you 

Somewhere there’s a place for you and me 
Where time stand still and love is deep 

Now is forever for those who feel 
The truth inside love is all we need 

Eyes like diamonds eyes eyes on you 
Eyes like diamonds shine on you 


Höstlöv som faller

Hej alla läsarvänner! idag bjuder jag på en nyskriven dikt på svenska som kommer att ges ut i nästa svenska diktsamling 🙂

Ett sting av kärlek

I ditt slutna bröst

En blick av längtan

Från sinnets markers ljusa höst

Där vi dansar

På utblommad äng

Likt höstlöv som faller



Obs: Passa på att provläsa min nyaste bok En Rolig Diversehandel;

boken alla skrattar åt :)

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